Covid Testlocation Bonaire

The test location in cooperation with the hotels and resorts for the rapid test with travel certificate for the return flight.

How it works

How it works

1 You send an email to to make an appointment

2 Our administration schedules an appointment before departure. We take into account your wishes in terms of time as much as possible

3 details have been entered, you will immediately receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail.

4 Take your proof of identity with you to the rapid test location at the address on the right:

Opposite the AirPort behind the Car rental (accessible via the sandy path)

Kaya International 130

Opposite the airport.

5 You will be processed by our employee, the data will be checked and the test will be administered

6 The test will be processed and you will receive the result in a personal message within 2 hours.

7a Tested negative?

You will receive the travel statement.

Stick to the covid rules.

7b Tested positive?

You are called up and must be quarantined. We will also report this to Public Health Bonaire for the source and contact investigation.

Make an appointment for a Covid antigen rapid test for $40 with a travel certificate and receive the results within 2 hours.
A PCR-NAAT test with a travel certificate for $120.

Make an appointment and mail to

We are open every day.

Stay healthy!

* We ask everyone to stay in the car when visiting our rapid test street and wearing a mouth mask is mandatory.

COVID test on location

Group testing in the hotel.
Our nurses also come on site to take covid tests.
Contact us and inquire about the possibilities and availability.

Another moment? If your desired moment (time and / or day) is not listed, please contact us via:




Opposite the airport behind the Car rental (accesible via the sandy path).

Kaya International 130

Opposite the airport.

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 9:00–17:00

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